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Christmas Connect

We believe that no one should be alone at Christmas time so we have teamed up with Voodoo Hair Studio to provide a traditional Christmas dinner to those in our community who would otherwise be alone this Christmas season.  The Kaleo & Voodoo Hair Studio elves will be serving Christmas dinner, Saturday, December 24th @ 4:00pm.  Space is limited so register or nominate someone, by December 1st to take part in this magical evening.  We are serving up more than dinner; we are serving up love!

Caregiver Self Care
Have you ever experienced the exhaustion of being a caregiver?
Perhaps you are in the midst of caring for:
  • your children
  • grandchildren
  • aging parents
  • all of the above
 Arnet & Michelle Pachal will share their insight and wisdom about how to effectively care for yourself when you are caring for others, so that you can lead a healthy and whole hearted life.  Come and share in the expertise that experience has given them.  Come and be inspired and rejuvenated!
November 30th 2016
St. Albert Botanical Park 265 Sturgeon Road, St. Albert
Prayer will be offered at the end.  Join us if you would like to receive prayer or join our prayer team if you would like to share the gift of prayer.

Prayer Team will meet at 6:45 pm to pray as a group before we pray for those in attendance.

Kaleo Play will be hosting STORY TIME thanks to St. Albert Public Library.
Our first date scheduled will be:
Monday November 21st at 9:30amAshley from SAPL has kindly offered to come read and have some themed fun with our little ones. She’ll also have a small collection of library books that will be available for lending for those who have library cards.
If anyone is interested in registering their child for a library card, a quick 10 minute process is all it takes for her to do that on the spot for you too.

The leader of Kaleo Play, Chantell Richard, has really taken this little group to a new level!  Her passion for this group of moms is inspiring.  Below is the link to an article in the Gazette about Kaleo Play.

Click here to read Gazette article

God’s Plans Don’t Always Make Sense…

Last month we had planned to have a wonderful guest speaker, Mark Melnychuk, who has been a past favourite.  His testimony of power to overcome addiction and painful life circumstances is so moving that we decided to have him return.  But…days before the event, after advertising dollars had been spent, Mark was in a bad motorcycle accident and was hospitalized.  We threw a wide net and prayed the Lord would fill it in whatever way he had planned.  Person after person that we contacted with similar testimony was unable to speak and two people even said when they prayed about it, they felt they were not to speak.  I will admit to having a small tantrum…God why are you shutting every door in our faces?!?!?  
I decided to put together a small panel of people who could speak to the role of addictions in their life; a mother, an addict, and a daughter etc.  This way, no one had to prepare a 30 minute talk.  I approached a dear friend of mine, Angie. I knew her testimony as she has shared with me, but I wasn’t sure if she would be comfortable sharing it with a group.  Angie quickly agreed to be a part of the panel.  I was thrilled!   She started writing her story immediately.
The day before the event, one of our panel members backed out, and on the day of the event yet another panel member backed out. I simply couldn’t believe this!!  I knew Angie was nervous about sharing and I didn’t want to scare her.  So after some prayerful consideration, we asked my husband Jeff to also speak that night and she his story.  
What none of us knew then, was that God had orchestrated this all.  Angie was to be the star of the show.  I can’t explain to you all the ways in which this night was perfect – but it was.  This was the perfect venue for Angie to publicly share for the first time to share her journey though life as a parol officer, turned homeless addict, and turned again into a true woman of God; delivered and set free, and mother of beautiful Anaya.  I just know deep in my heart that this is only the first time of many that God will use Angie and her testimony in mighty ways.  And Jeff was an unlikely, yet equally as perfect, part of the whole evening.
PS: Mark is out of the hospital and recovering nicely.  Please pray for his continued healing.  We are hoping to convince Mark to come speak for us in the New Year.

Kaleo Play Halloween Party Fun With Princess Elsa!!!

Send your prayer requests to the mighty and growing Baggage Drop team!

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