Life Changing Changes Part I by Sarah Cresswell

Nothing profound here, just a journey of a girl who looks a little different then she once did. As I sit here and eat a handful of Old Dutch Ripple Chips, I will reflect on parts of my journey of where life has brought me over the past few years.


To liken my reflections to a journey would be an understatement, to those of you who have been on similar journeys the destination is ever changing. Please indulge me, as this will truly only be the first part of what I am sharing with you today.


August 18th, 2013 I would say was the day I chose a different trajectory for my life. No actual significance to the day, perhaps it was my new Iphone and the downloading of the myfitnesspal app, maybe it was a summer holiday of indulgence or a reflection on 12 years previous getting engaged to the man I now call my husband, I had become a different person. Insert, stepping on the weigh scale that morning and see the highest number I had seen all my life. Ugh.


From that day on my life has looked different, some days easier than others. It seems easier said than done and a 4 year time frame of change will do that. I made a conscious decision that day to get healthier for me and my family. For those of you who know me, I would say I have a bubbly outgoing personality but eating and my weight has been an issue for me my whole life, and it continues to be.


No fad diet for this girl, but finally a decision to make healthier choices in my life. People asked me how I did it or how am I doing it? These are the three things I began with, actually tracking my food (calories) and seeing what I was putting into my body, eating breakfast which I never did and purchasing a mini fridge for my classroom at school to have healthy choices on hand at work.


So began my new school year in a grade 6 class. For me New Year resolutions were never a January 1st thing, my life has always flowed with the school calendar, and here began a new school year an opportunity to start fresh. With my new mind set within the first month I had lost 12lbs. I was seeing success and feeling motivated. At this point people around me didn’t really notice the changes in me, but my scale showed me progress.


By the end of October another 10lbs, at this point I was feeling good. I was starting to chat with colleagues about my changes and choices I was making in my life. I had the support of a loving husband who has been my cheerleader all throughout this process.


One pivotal person in my life at this point was my Education Assistant in my class, there is a lot more to this store and her life entering into my plays a significant role in my story. Let me tell you more about her. She first became known to me in the capacity of a parent, I had taught several of her children in previous years. So began this school year with her by my side, a new to our school EA who would be assigned to help me with an autistic child in my class. I’m not going to lie I was apprehensive about her being my EA just because we had a teacher/parent relationship and knowing I would teach more of her kids I just wasn’t sure how this relationship would forge . Truly she became my partner in crime, we leaned on each other a lot that year, she motivated me and was a tremendous cheerleader as she saw the changes happening within me. It also helped that she was a personal trainer on the side, and took active living and a healthy lifestyle seriously. God truly inserted a genuine advocate in my corner when I needed someone like her the most.


End of November, another 10lbs I was on a roll. Truly feeling terrific. Christmas came and went, still doing okay. The first three months of 2014, I continued to do great. There were many plateaus along the way but my daily tracking kept me motivated. I was seeing significant results and people were really beginning to notice my changes. Fast forward 8 months into my journey from where I first began I had lost nearly 60lbs, something I had never accomplished in my life.


May 3rd, 2014 would be a day that significantly changed my life and sent me in a trajectory over that next while, potentially gaining all I had lost back.

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  1. Louise Reply

    Applause & thanksgiving to you, Sarah … for your courage, inner strength & vulnerability while sharing your very personal journey & story. Am anxiously awaiting the next instalment…

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