Newsletter – March 2017

This past month has been amazing…

And the fun keeps rolling!



I was honoured to be asked by the Mayor to take the lead on the Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast.  This felt like a daunting task, as I have only really organized events about the size of a children’s birthday party. Nevertheless, I got together with some of  church leaders and a few amazing friends and sponsors, and the Lord showed up in amazing ways; the day turned out wonderfully!  We had 160 people in attendance to honour and thank and pray for the leaders of St. Albert and to hear Nate Coehoorn of the Edmonton Eskimos share his testimony.  Over a hundred school children wrote prayers and we were able to present a book of prayers to the Mayor & Councillors, the RCMP, Firefighters & Paramedics. I am already excited about the possibility of doing this again next year.
Kaleo was thrilled to have Lee Chea share her testimony about anxiety and depression.  Lee spoke to a packed house.  This is a topic that is affecting so many lives right now.  We were blessed by Lee’s authenticity and grace.


“Listen to your life. See it for the fathomless mystery it is. In the boredom and pain of it, no less than in the excitement and gladness: touch, taste, smell your way to the holy and hidden heart of it, because in the last analysis all moments are key moments, and life itself is grace.”
– Frederick Buechner
If I’ve learned anything from listening to my life it’s that weakness can be strength and that the greatest gifts are often birthed from the greatest struggles. Somewhere between the peaks and valleys self-care has become a practical expression of love. It’s a privilege to have a story to share that has moved from the miraculous to the mundane and back again. It’s a joy to find new friends for the journey so I look forward to knitting our stories together if only for an evening. See you on April 18! ~Marney Elzen-Hoskyn


Come hear Marney’s story about finding herself in the midst of post-partum depression and learning how to love & care for more than just her children in it.
ST. ALBERT BOTANIC PARK (265 Sturgeon Road)Event is free for all to attend – Come & bring a friend!
Prayer is offered at the end
KALEO IS TURNING 2 and we want to celebrate with you!!!

Stay tuned for all the details, coming next week is a special mid-month edition of the Kaleo Newsletter!

Kaleo Play is in full swing with Chantell Richard back at the helm after a month away visit her homeland – Australia!  We have missed her and are thrilled to have her back.  A few mother’s stepped up to run the group in her absence.  It is a beautiful community of mother’s and children.  Chantell arranged for Visionary College to come and hold a mommy & me music class and there is a fun Mother’s Day event being planned.
Join them Monday’s from 9-11am at Next Christian Community Church.
NO Kaleo Play this coming Monday as it is Spring Break!
ANGIE PACHOLIK is joining our team as the manager of THE BAGGAGE DROP!  Angie is kind and compassionate, a lover of Jesus and always the first to offer a helping hand.  The Baggage Drop will run smoothly under her watchful eye and attention to detail.  Please join me in welcoming her.
Send Angie your always anonymous prayer requests so we can get God’s people praying!  Submit them below.
Prayer Requests

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