"we are serving up love. "

CONNECT Baggage Drop

About Us

Kaleo means to call or invite. We invite you to experience the calling of community, love, restoration and prayer, as we share our lives journey together.

Experience the call.
Experience Kaleo.

Finding Your Purpose

Have you ever wondered why you were created? What you are here for? I think we are all looking for these answers every day; trying to find our ‘identity’. Come and join our conversation on purpose and see if you can learn more about yourself as you hear about ways other people are doing the same.
 We believe sometimes a simple conversation can accomplish much. Just knowing you are not alone in this journey is powerful. Learning from other’s life experiences is impactful.
There is no cost to attend and prayer is available at the end for anyone who would like it.

Kaleo Play

Don’t let Monday get you down! Pack up your little ones and join the fun at Kaleo Play! Kaleo Play is a fun way for mothers and children to connect and build relationships while enjoying the playroom at Next Christian Community  Each week brings new adventures and even guest appearances (see Events for more info) While the children play the mommies catch up while sipping on coffee provided by Starbucks Erin Ridge.  Kaleo Play is free, it’s fun & it’s open to all! Monday’s from 9-11am.

Baggage Drop Prayer Centre

Send Up What Weighs You Down

We all have baggage; those things in our life that weigh on our hearts.  The Baggage Drop is an anonymous place to leave those worries behind.  Let our dedicated prayer team help lift the worries of your life off you.  Prayer has the power to change things in your life.  www.baggagedrop.ca is open 24/7.  You can choose to have your prayer listed on the prayer wall, or just be sent to the team.  Someone will follow up with you if you choose to leave your personal information, if not your identity remains confidential.


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