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We believe that strong women change the world! That strength, comes from loving yourself, loving others, and being loved. We believe Jesus’ love is the icing on a very sweet cake! We are a group of women who want to pour love into our lives, into our families, into our souls, and into each other.
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Thriving in the Midst of Trauma

Many people experience various forms of trauma throughout life.  What if you could not just survive a traumatic experience, but you could thrive within it?

Join Kaleo this month as Sandra Manturzyk shares the many things she has learned about caring for herself and her family in the midst of dealing with, and healing from, childhood sexual abuse.  This talk is for anyone who has experienced trauma – large or small – and will give attendees practical tips on how to cope and grow at the same time.  Success can be measured moment by moment, day by day.

Thur, Jun 14 ⎜7-9pm ⎜St. Albert Botanic Park

Tickets & more details here

Kaleo Play

Kaleo Play is a fun way for mothers and children to connect and build relationships. While the children play together in the fabulous playroom, the mommies catch up and share their motherhood journey with one another.

Throughout the year we have special guests, we have parties & we love when Emily from the St. Albert Public Library comes for story time!!!

Kaleo Play is free, it’s fun & it’s open to all!  Kaleo Play runs every Monday (except long weekends) at the Next Christian Community Playroom from 9-11am. Come join the fun!

Connect with organizer Chantell here

Baggage Drop

Rhonda Mulligan is our resident prayer warrior woman and coordinator of The Baggage Drop. She lives to pray for people in all circumstances.  She magnifies the power of her prayers with her vast network of prayer partners through The Baggage Drop.  Send her all of your prayer requests and get her team working for you!

Baggagedrop.ca is a completely anonymous website. All requests go to our network. You can opt to have your request go on our prayer wall for additional prayer opportunities.  If you would like someone to follow up with you, please leave us your information as the website is 💯 anonymous.

Send Up What Weights You Down at The Baggage Drop.


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