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Kaleo is a Christian organization that brings hope, love, and connection to vulnerable families in the Greater St. Albert area by supporting and strengthening women. We do this through the development and implementation of “Connected Communities” support programs.

Forgiveness – It’s In Your Hands

Forgiveness sits patiently in the space between pain and freedom, waiting to be found. It is also arguably, one of the hardest things to do.

Join women’s speaker & blogger Layna Haley as she shares stories from her own painful life experiences and the journey she is on to live a life that is full of forgiveness; forgiveness for herself, for her family, for her friends and even for strangers.

Come away from the evening knowing more about what science shows about the physical benefits of forgiveness and learn 6 practical tips you can employ to help you forgive others when they hurt you.

Take this step forward in equipping yourself with the skills in living a life full of forgiveness.

This is one night you will not to miss.

* If the cost of the event is prohibitive please contact sandra@experiencekaleo.com *

Click here for tickets

Wed, Nov 28 ⎜7-9pm ⎜John Beedle Centre @ St. Albert Botanic Park


Kaleo Play

Kaleo Play is a fun way for parents and children to connect and build relationships. Run by Christine Koroscil, a teacher with a passion for the preschool age, you will share in songs, games, crafts and more!

Throughout the year we have special guests, parties & occasionally we take the show on the road for field trips!

Kaleo Play is free, it’s fun & it’s open to all!  Kaleo Play runs every Monday (except long weekends) at the Next Christian Community Playroom from 9:30-11am. Come join the fun!

Connect with Christine here

Baggage Drop

Rhonda Mulligan is our resident prayer warrior woman and coordinator of The Baggage Drop. She lives to pray for people in all circumstances.  She magnifies the power of her prayers with her vast network of prayer partners through The Baggage Drop.  Send her all of your prayer requests and get her team working for you!

Baggagedrop.ca is a completely anonymous website. All requests go to our network. You can opt to have your request go on our prayer wall for additional prayer opportunities.  If you would like someone to follow up with you, please leave us your information as the website is 💯 anonymous.

Send Up What Weights You Down at The Baggage Drop.


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